Meeting Locations:


We usually have meetings at either of 2 locations:


W1AF Ham Shack: Our Ham Shack is located at 6 Linden Street, a couple blocks east from Harvard Square up Massachusetts Avenue.  We are in the building behind the Qdoba Restaurant at the corner of Massachusetts Ave and Linden Street.


Chemistry Department, Mallinckrodt Building, 12 Oxford Street. The main entrance is across from the McKay Laboratories (just past the Science Center) on Oxford Street, and has 6 pillars above it.  Walk into the building through the main doors. Continue walking straight through the lobby and walk straight through another set of doors that will bring you to the staircase. Walk up 1 flight to the second floor. When you reach the second floor, go through the doors and take a left. Walk down about 25 feet until the end and take another left. Keep walking down this hallway. You will soon see on your left a bar area with chairs, a microwave, and pool tables in the back. This is the Department Center. Immediately on your left is meeting room M217, where our meetings are held.